Who We Are

MIC (pronounced “mike”, as in “microphone”) Coalition is composed of companies, associations, venue owners and artist advocates who are committed to a rational, sustainable and transparent system that will drive the future of music and ensure that consumers and consumer-serving businesses, such as retailers, restaurants and hotels have continued access to play music at affordable prices.

Why We’re Here

This is a critical period for the future of music and the policies that govern it. Issues are being considered that will significantly impact how and where music is played and what users and consumers pay for it:

The U.S. Department of Justice is reviewing the antitrust consent decrees that govern the Performing Rights Organizations (PROs) ASCAP and BMI, the organizations that license songs and collect royalties on behalf of rights holders like songwriters and publishers. These consent decrees promote fair music licensing while protecting music users, venues where music is played and music distributors from the anticompetitive behavior inherent to the PROs.

The U.S. Congress is reviewing the copyright laws that govern music licensing. There is hope that Congress will achieve a healthy balance in the new music economy. But, there is a risk that they will craft a law that stifles innovation to the detriment of consumers and artists.

The Copyright Royalty Board (CRB), the arm of the Library of Congress that determines webcaster royalty rates, is in the process of determining what those rates should be for the next five years. Their verdict is expected at the end of 2015. If those rates are too high, Internet radio streaming could become unsustainable and those services could be driven out of business. As a result consumers and businesses that play music would have fewer choices in the marketplace.


American consumers benefit tremendously from exposure to music through a variety of platforms and in any venue — whether at home, in the car, walking the dog, shopping in a store, or at a hotel, restaurant or bar.

MIC Coalition members believe that for this music ecosystem to continue to grow and thrive, we must create a predictable, balanced and transparent music marketplace that focuses on:

  • Making music affordable and accessible so that consumers can continue to enjoy it, artists can be compensated for it, and the marketplace can continue to grow to its fullest potential
  • Connecting audiences with musicians for the betterment of the entire music industry
  • The benefits to consumers when they can legally access music in a variety of venues and in new and innovative ways
  • The need for transparent and direct ways to access music and compensate artists
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We join together with a collective voice because all stakeholders in the music marketplace – artists, content owners, users and distributors – benefit when current and accurate information about copyright ownership and payment to artists is easily accessible. In order for the music marketplace to grow and thrive, we need balance in copyright and competition policies that will benefit all participants rather than the few – the major record labels and publishers.

MIC is the go-to informational resource for the media, policymakers, music lovers and creators who want to understand how changes to copyright and competition laws will impact the growing and vibrant digital music economy. Our members have united to be a powerful voice for balance and transparency in the music world.

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