Washington, D.C. — June 11, 2019 — The MIC Coalition, a broad-based group of associations representing millions of restaurants, bars, hotels, wineries, breweries, local radio and television broadcasters, digital music services, retailers and other venues that bring music to consumers, today announced the addition of two major national organizations.

The National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) and the International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM) will add additional expertise to the MIC Coalition’s robust membership working with policymakers in the shared mission to create a more sustainable and transparent music licensing system to drive the future of music. The members add new stories of organizations across the country that are committed to providing consumers with continued access to live and recorded music across a variety of platforms, venues and services while ensuring songwriters and copyright holders are fairly compensated.

Last week the Department of Justice announced that it is seeking comments on the consent decrees that govern ASCAP and BMI. While the current music licensing system is far from perfect, the Department of Justice’s review of and decision to open a comment period to seek public input on the consent decrees governing ASCAP and BMI raises the possibility of undermining the efficiency and certainty that allows the market to function. The elimination or even the possible sunset of the decrees at the present time would lead to chaos for the entire marketplace. IAVM and NATO join MIC in urging policymakers to protect these decrees and to ensure a pro-competitive, predictable, balanced and transparent music marketplace.

The new coalition members commented:

“For decades the decrees have set the rules of the road about the performance rights for music contained in the movies our members exhibit. Repeal of the decrees could dramatically change the theatrical marketplace in this country. We are excited to join MIC in protecting these decrees,” said John Fithian, President and CEO, National Association of Theatre Owners.

“It can be difficult for venue owners to understand what licenses are needed to streamline payments to rightful copyright owners because the current music licensing ecosystem lacks transparency and fairness. We are pleased to join the MIC Coalition’s work to build a more vibrant and open music marketplace while creating a brighter future for the music industry overall,” said Brad Mayne, President and CEO, International Association of Venue Managers.

About MIC Coalition

MIC (pronounced “Mike”, as in “Microphone”) Coalition is a group of associations whose members provide music in retail establishments, hotels, restaurants, bars, wineries and taverns throughout the country, as well as over the nation’s airwaves and the internet. The Coalition is committed to a rational, sustainable and transparent system that will drive the future of music and ensure that consumers have continued access to music across a variety of platforms, venues and services.

Coalition Members include: American Beverage LicenseesAmerican Hotel & Lodging AssociationBrewers AssociationComputer & Communications Industry AssociationConsumer Technology AssociationDigital Media AssociationInternational Association of Venue ManagersNational Association of BroadcastersNational Association of Theatre OwnersNational Restaurant AssociationThe National Religious Broadcasters Music License CommitteeNational Retail FederationRadio Music License Committee and WineAmerica.